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Sharing a flyer with live links to elections resources for teachers and schools. This is already a very busy political season – and the fall will be even hotter. Arm  yourself with information and resources!

SS Election 2016 Resources – PDF



Everywhere you go!

Take a look at the teachers and kids. They’re glistening again

With furrowed brows and wringing hands that  sweat! 

Gearing up for your Social Studies STAAR reviews? I’ve got stuff for you!

Here’s my 8th and 11th Grade USH STAAR and EOC Reviews. It’s a Google site with live links. It isn’t too flashy and works well on mobile devices. I based the information on the TEA Performance Level Descriptor documents. PDFs are available to download from the site as well. Feel free to use and share!

J.L.G. Ferris’ “First Thanksgiving”


We only have 4 more days until Thanksgiving break! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for a few days off. Thanksgiving is late this year and it’s been a long, tough stretch since our last holiday.

Did you know there are only 2 surviving accounts of the first Thanksgiving? Here’s a quick filler activity that uses 1 of them. I’ve built in discussion questions that will lead students to compare how the first Thanksgiving was similar to and different from our celebration today.


First Thanksgiving Primary Source Document