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Here’s a great picture to practice visual analysis with your kids. How many different amendments (and/or laws) make this image possible?

Start by giving kids a tool, like an acronym of components to look for, to analyze documents. I like TACOS (time/place, action, caption, objects/people, so what?) but OPTICS (overview, parts of the picture, title, interrelationships, caption, summary/so what?). In either case, people tend to take images at face value – if it is a photograph, it must be true, right? This isn’t even a really exciting image at first glance. Giving kids a framework for how to think about analysis and images is really important.

How do I know? This was one of the primary  source texttilesdocuments on
the 2010 AP World History DBQ. I served that year as a reader for College Board and I saw WAY.TOO.MANY essays about why the geishas were making giant rolls of toilet paper.

The voting image comes from a lesson from Texas Law Related Education (LRE). If you haven’t every checked them out, you really should. Everything they do is fantastic – from lesson plans to workshops – and FREE. They have a great collection of games for students. Check them out at¬†

So, how many amendments (and/or laws) did you come up with? I see at least 2 amendments, possibly 3.