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One of my most favorite activities to start the year with is a personality test. Everyone loves taking them and it really can be a good way to facilitate conversation about how different people work together and can learn from one another.

I took a simple “color” personality test and created a Plickers question set from it.

6-22-2015 4-11-57 PM

One person in the class kept track of the most common responses. Participants had a tally sheet of their own so they could keep track and preview the next item.

My set had 27 items and took us about 15 minutes, but you could easily shorten the quiz to 10 or 15 items and get pretty similar results. After the first few items to get the hang of responding, we kept the questions up for less than 20 seconds as I scanned the room. We had 20 participants, so that was pretty good time. This would be a good way to introduce kids to Plickers in the first week of school before you get content really going – they’re learning your procedures for responding so you don’t need to do that later.

6-22-2015 4-19-32 PM

If you responded mostly “A,” it meant you’re a “red.” “Bs” were Green, etc. Our class had a pretty good mix. If I were doing this with students, I would have had each color meet together as a group to discusses strengths and weaknesses and strategies for being a good group member.

I’ve included my quiz and the color meanings as well as some discussion questions. Enjoy! Link: Personality Color

I’m always looking for creative uses for Plickers. Let me know if you have one!



Hi, friends!

Here is the presentation and handouts from my Victorious Vocabulary: Winning the War on Words session at the Texas Council for the Social Studies conference in Galveston.


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