We are hard at work over here in C&I world, gearing up for summer professional development. One of the strangest transitions from the classroom is the loss of the End of the Year as your big goal, the light at the end of the tunnel. The Last Day of School means the start of my busiest season now.

One of my goals has been to increase technology-based professional learning for teachers. Professional Development no longer means you HAVE to be in a seat all day.

One of my favorite resources has always been Stanford Education’s Reading Like a Historian program. Take a look at the awesome lesson plans they have available.

Using the Teaching Channel’s awesome series about Reading Like a Historian, I built a course for teachers to watch the videos, respond to the reflection questions, and then submit a lesson plan using the materials. So learn some new things, see it in action, apply it in a lesson you can actually use in class… Doesn’t that sound like better professional learning?

Not in my district? Talk to your administrator or professional development coordinator and ask if you could pursue this an an independent study option for professional development credit!

What professional learning are you excited for this summer? What’s the best summer PD you’ve ever attended?

– Amy