Zulily has a great Geography Bee collection up today! There are some really cool games and murals – and quite a few inflatable globes for as low as $7! Do you have an inflatable globe? You really need one, even if you’re not a geography teacher. There are so many fun things you can do with an inflatable globe that require no prep!

1. Find It! (Gently) toss the globe to a student, challenge him/her to find a place or feature on the globe. The student then tosses it to the next person and challenges him/her to find another place or feature.

2. Where Am I? Throw the globe to (not at) a student. The student looks under their left thumb and gives three clues about the location. Clues could be neighboring countries, major cities or physical features, etc. The first person to guess the correct location gets the globe next.

3. For the littles – have them sit on the floor in a circle. One student starts by rolling the globe to another. When it reaches that student, they name the feature on the top of the globe.

4. Use the globe to show them where places currently in the news are.

5. Use the globe as a conversation piece or a story starter about where they’d like to travel someday.

6. Use the globe to play review games!

  • Play hot potato. Have the students stand in a circle. Pass the globe to a student and ask them to say something they’ve learned from the lesson or about a topic. They pass it to the next person who has to say something new. If the student can’t come up with anything or repeats something previously said, they’re out! The fun is to play this game fast!
  • Have the student stand. Pose a review question and toss it to a student. If they can answer correctly, they can keep standing and toss it to the next person. Keep asking questions – students who miss questions must sit down. Last man standing wins!

7. Play Alphabet Geography – toss the globe and the student must find a country or feature that begins with the letter A. The next student must find one that starts with B and so on…