Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent – Vermont

Bernie Sanders was on CNN’s “New Day’ this week talking about the ISIS and conflict in the Middle East.

“I’m sitting here wondering where Saudi Arabia is, where Kuwait is, where Qatar is…”

Really, Bernie Sanders? I’m sure that’s just rhetoric. Surely a Senator can locate these countries on a map, right? Our elected officials have to have better than a middle school Social Studies education right?

Oh, well…  okay, so maybe not.

Anyway, personal politics aside, this is seriously embarrassing. It perpetuates the stereotype of the dumb American. In our increasingly globalized world, we can’t tolerate this level of ignorance in our officials and we certainly can’t allow our students to enter the great big world with such dangerous misconceptions.

How do they compete economically with countries they can’t find? Work with colleagues whose cultures they don’t understand?

Many of our sons and daughters will go overseas to protect us back home – and some of them will give their lives on foreign soils so that we may enjoy our freedoms here. If for no other reason, we owe it to our troops to know where they’re going, where we’re sending them.

Where we live influences how we live. We can only really understand ourselves when we look at others as a foil. Geography matters.

Here’s a few of my favorite resources for Geography Education.